Chattanooga Boat Services Near Me

Searching For Chattanooga Boat Services Near Me?

Boats, like all other vehicles, will require regular maintenance to ensure they are in tip-top shape, and you avoid any issues or breakdowns while you are out on the water. We can offer support in unexpected situations, as our team of well-trained technicians can handle just about every situation.

Our services are also available if you encounter problems while out and about. As one of the reliable Chattanooga Boat Services near me providers, we are dedicated to offering our customers reliable and convenient services. Allow us to take care of your problems so that you can get back on the water.

Some of the Chattanooga boat services near me we offer include:

  • Marine Engine Maintenance
  • Outboard Tuneup/Engine Care
  • Air Conditioner/Refrigerators
  • Winterizing
  • Fuel Systems
  • Belts, Cables & Hoses
  • Electrical Systems
  • Fluid Levels
  • Propellers & Hulls
  • Safety Checks

Our team will be happy to assist you over the phone or schedule an appointment for you if you have questions or concerns about getting your boat repaired or serviced. Call (423) 200-3228 to learn how to best maintain your investment and learn more about the services we have available at our on-site shop.

Reasons to work with Tri-State for Chattanooga boat services near me:

  • Convenience – We have a great location In Chattanooga.
  • Expertise – Our techs are experienced, and we’re RVIA certified so you can count on quality service and repairs every time.
  • Easy RV Maintenance – We offer oil and filter changes, as well as winterization, so you’re always in great shape and ready for adventure!
  • We’re Quick – We can guarantee you a service appointment within a week.
  • Mobile Service – We come to you.
  • We Know Parts – We stock a variety of parts, and can get special-order parts to accommodate customer needs.

Additional Services

Chattanooga Mobile RV Service

Tri-State Outdoors works hard to offer convenient services to our customers. We have a local Chattanooga service department for RVs and boats. And, we offer mobile RV service for locations and storage units in the area.

Chattanooga RV Parts & Accessories

At Tri-State Outdoors, we keep a catalog of parts and accessories on hand for when you need them. From parts you’d need for RV repairs and maintenance to various accessories you could use to customize your whip, find them here in our parts department. It’s truly our goal to be a one stop shop for all your RVing needs from buying a new set of wheels to the things you need to make it completely yours. 

We also offer a full menu of services for RV repair and maintenance including:

  • RV parts, RV accessories
  • Roof repair, Brake controllers, Diesel truck bed fuel cells
  • Hitches, Electrical, Plumbing
  • Winterization, Summerization
  • LP propane service, Slide out repair
  • Water service & flush, Furnace service
  • A/C service, Tires & brakes
  • Interior carpentry work/repair, Water heater service
  • Warranty Claims Awnings, Refrigerator Service
  • Any other Chattanooga boat services near me you might need

If you are in need of Chattanooga boat services near me, our team can help. Contact us today to get your boat in its best possible condition so you can hit the road in comfort and style.

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