mobile rv service for life on the go

Many invest in a recreational vehicle so they can live life on the go. No matter where your journeys take you, you always have the comfort of a home.

Just like any other vehicle, RVs require regular maintenance to ensure they stay in working condition. However, it may not always be convenient for you to take your RV to a RV service center. Tri-State Outdoors is pleased to offer a Mobile RV Service that allows our RVIA certified RV Technician to come to the location of your RV – whether it is at a storage facility, your garage, or other remote location. We are often able to schedule service calls within a week or two of your initial service request, much faster than other larger service centers.

Tri-State Outdoors’ mobile RV service provides many benefits to you, including:

An Added Convenience to Your Vacation

Your time is valuable, and taking your RV to a physical location can be costly. Especially after a vacation the last thing you want is to drive even more. Then, once you drop off the RV, the service appointment itself won’t even occur for many weeks. With our mobile RV service we come to wherever your RV is parked, be it a storage facility or your garage. We come to you!

An Individualized and Personalized Experience

Tri-State Outdoors’ mobile RV service gives you individual time with the technician who will be working on your RV, as opposed to simply dropping your home off at a depot. You can use this time to discuss symptoms, repair options, the vehicle’s history, and so on. The technician will also have their attention completely dedicated to your RV. This eliminates any possible distractions from the employee working on multiple vehicles at once in a large service facility.

Prioritizing You and Your Family’s Safety

Driving or towing a faulty RV is stressful and dangerous. Safety checks and defensive driving are musts. These help decrease potential risk, but to be completely safe you should limit moving the vehicle as much as possible. Once it has safely reached your home or storing location, don’t move it again. Instead consider requesting a Tri-State Outdoors mobile RV service technician to come to that location, as opposed to transporting it to a depot miles away.

Not Breaking the Bank for a Broken RV

The cost of driving to and from your service appointment can really add up. In addition to fuel, consider the wear and tear on your RV and the vehicle you’re towing with. There’s also the possibility of missing work or precious time off. Save that money and have our service come to you.

We pride ourselves on offering Chattanooga a RV service that’s both reliable and convenient for our customers. Let us deal with the problem, so you can get back where you belong– on the road. If you are in need of RV repair or maintenance, our team can help. Contact us today to get your RV in its best possible condition so you can hit the road in comfort and style.