We can all agree that great family memories are made boating on the lake. The Chattanooga Boat Show may have wrapped up early this month, but there’s still time to look over our pontoon boats for sale! Need a reason? We’ll give you five. Here are our top five reasons you should consider treating your family to a pontoon boat in time for summer.

Pontoon Boats Perfect for Any Activity

Some people want a boat solely to go fishing, or to simply go tubing and nothing else. Many others want to do it all and make the most of their time on the water doing whatever they please! That’s where the pontoon boat’s multifunctional uses come into play. You’ll be able to get everything from this watercraft rather than limiting yourself to specific activities. If you have multiple interests while spending time on the water, you need a pontoon boat for optimal versatility.

Floating Patios for the Family

Pontoon boats are sometimes called “floating patios” because they’re buoyant, don’t tip easily and have plenty of room for kids to play! Please always follow proper boating safety practices, but when stationary you have the space to let your family unleash their fun. You can enjoy your time on the water with peace of mind, because pontoon boats are one of the safest boating options available.

Easy to Renovate and Accessorize

Whenever you want to fix up your own pontoon boat, you can look forward to making all the customization and renovations you want. There are many one-size-fits-all products available to help you build the boat of your dreams. You can easily replace the vessel’s couches, flooring, and more.

Cheap and Simple Maintenance

Pontoon boats are created using tubes that result in a high level of buoyancy. This construction makes them not only safe but also easy to use. With these tubes, the craft sits very high on the water. As a result, it can run in very shallow waters and is forgiving to inexperienced boaters. Pontoon boats are solid and durable vessels that can also withstand general wear and tear. You can haul it away instead of spending precious time cleaning after each outing.

Comfortable for Your Family and Wallet

Whether it’s taking a nap on calm waters after a long day of tubing or fitting all your friends for an adventurous outing, everyone can enjoy a comfortable ride with plenty of elbow room and comfortable seating. Each member of your family or friend group will have the space to be in their own world on your pontoon.

Your Own Chattanooga Boat Show All Year Long

When you invest in watercraft, you don’t want it to just get from point A to point B. You want to enjoy the ride. You want your loved ones to as well. Still need convincing? Schedule a visit to our showroom (our own yearlong Chattanooga Boat Show)  here. We hope to see you out on the water soon!