Welcome Heyday Wakeboats

Welcome Heyday Wakeboats

Mar 20 , 2023

Reaves Robinette

We are excited to welcome Heyday Wakeboats to our family of brands! Heyday boats offer everything you need to get out on the water and enjoy time with your family. 

Why Heyday?

Integrated Wake System

Featuring the Integrated Wake System, Heyday's hull design elements work together to create the ideal wake without the need for shaping tabs, gates, or add-ons that rack up the cost and complicate the ride.


Heyday Transom

The Heyday Transom intersects with the waterline at a 117-degree angle (vs. the industry norm of 90-degrees), releasing water in a pattern that creates a natural and oh-so-clean surf curl. 

Soft, radiused corners help pull water around the listed side of the boat, continuously feeding the curl, while extra width in the stern helps to cancel out prop torque and reduce onboard weight sensitivity.



Integrated in the hull design, sub-floor hard tanks maximize ballast without sacrificing under-seat storage. When full, this integrated ballast pushes the boat downward to give you more pop on your favorite tricks.

Hard-tank ballast also eliminates the maintenance that comes with bag ballast. That means you spend less time cleaning and more time shredding.


Freeboard Depth

 Displacement is limited by the boat's side height or freeboard. Heyday's aft freeboard is deeper, increasing the amount of hull that can be pushed into the water. 

A deeper hull means that there's more capacity to add more ballast, which pushes more hull below the water, resulting in greater downward force and pushing a taller wave or wake behind the boat. 


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